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It really works, I am 64 yrs old 5' 8" 220 lbs. and I was very skeptical about buying any kind of padded shaper but as I have gotten older and my body structure has changed my clothes did not fit me the same, I have always had a shapely body but as I said with age that changed but after seeing this store on a YouTube Video and subscribing to the Channel I must have watched all the Videos on their products and I went online to the Stores site and read all the Reviews and I liked what I saw and read, So I ordered the Khloe High waist Curvy Shaper in Black and Size 2XL it arrived quickly within 4 or 5 days, After I put it on and then put my Jeans on I couldn't believe it was my Body I was looking at in the mirror it was AWESOME I had Hips again my Jeans fit better than they had in years, Ok I took my new Shaper on a test drive the next day and I must say I received so many compliments one of my neighbors said to me that he didn't know I had hips like that and I told him that he never saw me in Jeans before and he told me I should wear them more often and that I was fine, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FAST SHIPPING AND AWESOME PRODUCTS,
PS, I just ordered the Bardi High waist Shaper in 2XL can't wait for it to arrive.

Vanessa B

To whom it may concern,

I have 1 child an intelligent, beautiful 27 year old daughter.   She loves to shop, travel and do things with her friends.  She has a great job her own car and is winning as they say.  But she unfortunately inherited my no hips dilemma😩 and would always complain no matter what she put on to wear that she hated it that her outfits didn’t look right and to be real she had developed somewhat of a low self esteem issue when it came to her lower part of her body.  I found your product on YouTube  I watched it several times and then I ordered the Khloe shape wear in black size large  .  And BAABY my daughter tried it on and fell in love ..she lit up and said it proportioned her body out and made her feel like a woman.  So thank you thank you thank you for making this product of high quality ...very reasonable priced .... that looks amazing and thank you for making my baby smile 😃 and feel good about her body .    Gloge lets you put those hips and dips where they matter!!!  😂   ( happy mama) 

Brenda G

My husband and I love it!

I started using it first then my husband joined me after he noticed my skin glow, he is the one that normally orders the soap

Joy D


I love love my order for the Khloe shaper!! My only suggestion is to make the hips a bit wider for us big girls or should I say thicker! No problem tho I just added my own extra for a lil umph! Other than that I’m happy with my purchase. Was a little scared at first seemed like a scam page but I actually received my order and the page on IG gave great customer service via DM!

Lakeisha B.

It keeps my skin moisturized

I have been using this lotion since March, I used to have flaky skin but this lotion and the rosemary oil keeps my skin moisturized all day.
But everything suits me. The cream is pleasant to the skin, I can see my skin partially lightened after three weeks.
I'm happy with the purchase.

Gina L

Absolutely amazing

I am a female and this item is AMAZINGGGGGGG I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting a size larger than what you usually are. I’m usually a 3x and that’s wat I ordered the first time around and I couldn’t pull it pass my mid-booty crack! So the 4x was perfect next time around

Trayonna P.


I am so impressed with this company. I received my order two days EARLY and it was everything I could ask for! It fits perfectly and gives me hips honey! lol

Latecia D

This product is beyond my expectation!

Great! The size chart corresponds to the declared parameters. Everything is neatly sewn, it stretches, it pleasant to the body, and gives a good shape. Very good thing! Recommend. I will take more definitely!


You won't be disappointed!!!

Amazing product! This will add roundness to your butt. Ladies just buy it, you won’t be disappointed. I can't wait to order the Envy Shaper


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